Products exported from Somalia are mostly livestock and agricultural related. The main exporting seaports include Ports of Mogadishu, Kismaayo, Bosaaso and Berbera. Livestock exported include live bulls, camel and goats. The main agricultural goods exported through the port are banana, dry lemon, natural gum, and sesame oil. Other export commodities exported through the port include insect resins, tuna fish, animal hides and skins.


Any exporter, who wish to export goods outside Somalia must be registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) and be in possession of all required permits, licences and other line ministry registrations. In addition, the exporter is required to have a Tax Payer Identification Number provided by the Customs Division at the Ministry of Finance.


The Customs Division at the Federal Ministry of Finance (MoF) has recently developed a new and harmonized goods declaration process. The following documents are required for the exportation in Somalia.  

  1. Release letter,

  2. Weighing report,

  3. Certificate of Origin,

  4. Phytosanitary certificate,

  5. Gate pass,

  6. Packing list,

  7. Bill of Lading,

  8. Commercial Invoice

  9. Export permit

  10. Export cargo details and tonnage;

  11. Export destination.

Temporary Exports

An Exporter may temporarily export goods that will be returned to Somalia. These exports may be for purposes such as: for further processing, repair or returning in an unaltered state (For exports sent for repairs, on return duty is payable based on the cost of repairs). Note that specific procedures do apply.

Prohibited Goods

Before exporting goods from Somalia, an exporter should ensure that the goods do not fall into the category of prohibited goods which cannot be exported, transited, sold or circulated in Somalia. See the following:

  • Counterfeits, mis-leading marks;

  • Drugs, Narcotics;

  • Weapons and war ammunition;

  • Pornographic publications;

  • Asbestos and products containing asbestos;

  • Counterfeit goods;

  • Toxic wastes;

  • Foodstuff with insufficient shelf life

Restricted or Controlled Goods

There are some goods that are restricted from export out of Somalia, except under the authority of a relevant authority. The exporter may have to apply for an export permit from a relevant Ministry or request for authorization in writing stating the type of commodity, quantity, value, country of destination and other relevant information. Please liaise with the relevant institutions and ministries using the contact information provided in the portal.

Export Procedure for key products

 Animal and Fish Products

Obtain the veterinary and fisheries export licence certificate from the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries exporting live fish, live animals or animal products such as hides and skins. Obtain the quality certificate from Somalia before exporting meat and livestock out of Somalia. However, it is advisable for exporters to obtain the importing country’s import regulations to establish what is required to be done before exporting.

Plant Products and Seed

Acquire a phytosanitary certificate from Somalia Ministry of Agriculture in Mogadishu for agriculture products such as Seeds, Stems and Fruits. A Plant Import Permit (PIP) from the importing country has to be presented by the exporter to the Inspector as this carries recommendations (or conditions) that the exporting country has to follow. Thereafter, the exporter proceeds to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to apply for an Export Permit.

Agricultural Products

Obtain an Export Permit for prohibited food products such as dry lemon and sesame from Ministry of Agriculture, Agribusiness Department (Import and Export Permit Office). Exporters will also be required to obtain Fumigation Certificate and Phytosanitary Certificate before being issued with an export permit.

Precious and Semi-precious Stones

Small scale mining, mainly artisanal takes place in Somalia. At present, the country also lacks laboratories and equipment’s for testing and certification of minerals. To export minerals, you need to obtain a special permit from the Somalia Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources based in Mogadishu.

Chemical and Chemical Products

Somalia Medical Supplies Regulatory Act has not yet been signed into law. In the absence of this law, the Somali government requires that importers and exporters of chemical and dangerous drugs to obtain a special permit from Ministry of Health.

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