Legal Document

Title: Revenue Administration Law 2019 (RAL-2019)
Type: Bill
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Finance
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Finance
Issuing Date: 27-10-2019

Revenue Administration Law 2019

The purposes of the Revenue Administration Law 2019

Pursuant to Articles 50 (f) 51, 122 and 125 (1) of the Provisional Constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia, the purpose of this law is to administer the revenue of the JFS.

Considering the need for a number of consistent laws and regulations at the federal and state levels to manage the country's revenue; Taking into account the benefits of avoiding recurrences and encouraging compliance by making a legal provision only for issues that have been repeatedly discussed in the various income laws in the past.

Taking into account the benefits of harmonizing and unifying different revenue laws.

The Federal Parliament of Somalia has enacted this law which applies to the whole republic.


Please see the full PDF for further information

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