Legal Document

Title: National Telecommunication Law
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications & Technology
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications & Technology
Issuing Date: 10-02-2017

National Telecommunication Law

Article 2:

Purpose & Name of Law

  1. This law is called the National Telecommunication law and its purpose is:

  1. Develop a National Telecommunication Policy.

  2. Create a telecommunications regulation that governs all telecommunications sectors in the country.

  3. Established in the National Telecommunication Authority (NCA).

  1. The specific purpose of this law is to regulate and facilitate telecommunication technologies and services including:

  1. Facilitate and consolidate telecommunication services.

  2. Development of modern telecommunication to raise public awareness and use of internet services.

  3. Protecting the privacy of personal information.

  4. Facilitate the development and use of all waves

  5. Facilitate and create modern sales based on telecommunication service.

  6. Open market management of telecommunications services with free competition.

  7. Issuance of licenses and the establishment of communication regulations.

  8. Promoting an open, dynamic, free market in Somalia's telecommunications sector and promoting freedom of expression and exchange of ideas.

  9. Facilitate and encourage investment in telecommunications services, with consideration given to local companies.

  1. The ministry and the agency recognize all previous agreements entered into by local telecommunications companies in accordance with the country's laws

Article 3:

The Power of Law

  1. This law will govern all Telecommunication Units within the borders of Somalia except Telecommunications used by the Armed Forces.

  2. This law protects the development of telecommunications services in line with the social and economic needs of Somalia.

  3. This law applies to and protects the rights of telecommunications companies and related services.

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