Legal Document

Title: Legal Document in Development
Type: Other
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MOCI)
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Commerce and Industries (MOCI)
Issuing Date: 16-06-2021

It was not possible to collect the relevant legal document for this procedure/measure during the implementation phase of the project. The responsible Government Agency/ Ministry has assured they will make the legal document available to us as soon as it is ready for publication. Please bear with us till then.

List Measures/Standards

Name Description Status Measures/Standards Measure Class
Phytosanitary Certificate If someone expecting to import or export any plant and plant products must meet the requirements required by the Ministry of Agriculture Active Measure Goods
Certificate of origin If anyone is going to get the Certificate of Origin,he/she must fulfill the requirements of Somali Chamber of Commerce. Active Measure Goods
Requirements to obtain an Import/export permit Import or export permits are compulsory for any form of cross-border trade in Somalia. Active Measure Goods
Requirements to obtain company registration Any person or a Company who expecting to open a business in Somalia Shall fulfill these requirements. Active Measure Goods
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